Sgt Pepper, Lounge-Bar-Eatery, CBD (Long Street)

Sgt Pepper, Lounge-Bar-Eatery, CBD (Long Street)

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 6/10
Type: Casual eatery/ bar/ Bar with a dance floor
Crowd:  Europeans as well as local Long street revelers (a full spectrum of SA society)
Service: 7/10
Day Of the Week: Wednesday
Time: 7:00pm
Address: Long Street, City Centre
Unique Aspects:

Awesome 2 for 1 pizzas on a Tuesday night.

Sgt Pepper’s is a great eating spot with surprisingly good pizzas and a  menu full of differing types of meals. After around 8pm on the weekends, this place becomes home to many weekend revelers and the bar starts to dominate the restaurant. Often this grows in to a full on dj session, lighting and a massive crowd. A good spot if you are on Long Street and are looking for a good party.

My only reservations with this place is that sometimes there is entry at the door which I feel is unwarranted and the toilets are a bit manky. Also, the crowd inside can sometimes be a bit rough and you start wondering about your personal security.

Overall, not a bad stop-over if you are on Long street, especially considering some of the surrounding bars and clubs.