Ferrymans Restaurant & Bar, V&A Waterfront

Ferrymans Restaurant & Bar, V&A Waterfront

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Reserved for Now
Price Range: 7/10
Type: Very Casual Bar/ Pub Combination with an upstairs restaurant
Crowd:  The V&A Waterfront attracts them all, local, international, all creeds…
Service: 6/10
Day Of the Week: Tuesday but I recommend a weekend if out of season.
Time: 8:30pm
Address: Corner East Pier and Dock Road, VA Waterfront
Unique Aspects:

Ferrymans is very very similar to its neighboring restaurant Mitchell’s Scottish Ale House. Opposed to Mitchells however, I unfortunately have to say that it has slightly less atmosphere on any given night. However, when they break out the band and get the fire stoked up, the atmosphere certainly livens up.

The food is also of a “good standard’ – not great but good. You can enjoy a menu with fair variety, but do not expect pizza or pasta, it is very much pub food.

In my opinion, it is the type of place which is best suited to an event (sporting or live music), or an “in season” night.

Website (or what used to be?): http://webfactory.co.za/portfolio/ferrymans/