tashas constantia cape town

Tashas, Constantia

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range:
 Avg. Price R75.00
Type: Urban Chic Cafe
Crowd: families from the surrounding Constantia area, tourists,  20’s – 30’s
Service: 7/10
Day Of the Week: Sunday
Time: 3pm
Address:  Constantia Village, Constantia
Unique Aspects:

Tashas’ cafes across South Africa seem to attract people like bees to a hive, no matter where they open and how much competition they face.

On a branding front, the ownership has managed to find a beautiful gap in the market which they have slid in to with ease. This gap that I refer to is the gap which exists between mainstream franchises and boutique, owner-run cafes. The Tashas model seems to be able to have all the allure and wonder of an owner-run boutique cafe, while actually being part of a strong network of chic “restaurant come cafes” dotted around prominent and well to do areas of the country. It can only be imagined that the Tashas name which has become synonymous with up-market living and a good quality offering extends its brand equity and brand awareness to each new store that opens up across the country – of which the Constantia franchise has been no different.

The Tashas food and drink offering is in my opinion one of the best “value for money” offerings around. From summer carafes to a good old sirloin steak, on every occasion that I have visited this Constantia cafe the food has been superbly prepared, presented and served, which is the reason I will return without fail.

It need be said that “value for money” certainly does not mean “cheap” but rather that for what you are paying the experience you are receiving is well worth it.

Although located in Constantia Village shopping Centre, Tashas has managed to provide a  tranquil environment, where you could find yourself  potentially mistaken for being on a wine farm in the Constantia valley, were it not for the unfortunate parking lot which surrounds you. In conjunction with good service, a relaxing venue and pleasant music, I find Tashas a popular destination of mine when venturing around the Southern Suburbs.

If ever in the area and looking for a quiet, relaxing spot for a light lunch, Tashas is your best bet!

Website: http://www.tashas.co.za/