gourmet boerie gardens cape town

Gourmet Boerie, Gardens

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range:
Type: Specialist Restaurant – Gourmet Boerewors Rolls Only
Crowd: Inner city crowd/ young media types/ Boerie lovers/ Tourists in the know
Service: 7/10
Day Of the Week: Wednesday
Time: 7pm
Address:  8 Kloof Street, Gardens
Unique Aspects:

Gourmet Boerie does an absolutely superb job at successfully juicing up South Africa’s most loved Boerewors Roll.

If you are unsure of this term “Boerewors” or as is better known in its abbreviated form and the inspiration for the name of this establishment “Boerie”, what I am referring to is a meal born in South Africa, consisting of a well seasoned pork sausage, sat in a hotdog roll and often accompanied by fried onions, tomato sauce and mustard.

The concept of taking an ordinary meal and giving it an elegant spin has been seen several times before in the likes of international chain “Gourmet Burger” and many local rivals such as “Hudsons” and “Royale Eatery“. Some pull this off incredibly well and some unfortunately disappear before getting the first 100 meals out the door, but I personally believe that Gourmet Boerie is here to stay for a good while.

The food is truly well crafted with a small but comprehensive enough menu to cater to all tastes, offering options of roll types, boerewors types and trimmings. The drinks on offer complement the food, with the likes of some of SA’s favourite craft beers on tap which is always good to see. From a social point of view, the “sit where you can” next to “whoever you can” approach is very well accepted in a society becoming ever more cosmopolitan, slowly helping to break away from the regiment of personal space which is not to be breached.

My one hesitation would be that the service was a little uncomfortable to start where the waiter was a little aggressive. This may have just been a mis-communication which seemed to quickly calm in to a hospitable welcome after a short while. In addition, the restaurant has done wonders for a corner of Kloof street which has unfortunately never quite been able to pull itself out of failure.

Having a spot like Gourmet Boerie on Kloof street, which it need be said is already highly competitive, is welcomed with open arms as Kloof street continues to become more of a destination for those looking for a moderate or mid-week evening out with a host of options to choose from.

As a summation, I give this place a big thumbs up and hope to see it around for a long time to come!

Website: http://www.gourmetboerie.co.za/