V&A Waterfront market on the wharf cape town

V&A Market on the Wharf, V&A Waterfront

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Avg. Price:
 Around R100 – R300 in hand will see you through
Type: Food and Drink Market
Crowd: Tourists and market loving Cape Tonians from far & wide
Service: 5/10
Day Of the Week: Wed, Thurs, Sun (9.30pm – 6pm)/ Fri, Sat (9.30am – 7pm)
Address:  Dock RoadV&A Waterfront
Unique Aspects:

The “farmers market” culture seems to have once again risen from the deep, as we now more commonly see markets popping up all over the city in the likes of the City Bowl Market (Gardens) and Bay Harbour Market (Hout Bay) to compliment the landscape of those already in existence such as The Old Biscuit Mill (Woodstock).

I am not entirely sure as to the reason for this uprising in the popularity of markets, but it seems to be quite tightly linked to the same underlying reasons driving the increased consumption of craft beer. We as Cape Tonians no longer simply want to support big business but prefer to foster small scale suppliers and through our spending show them that the care and attention that they put in to producing their product is highly appreciated.

The Market on the Wharf embodies this same culture combined with having found a good balance in the space and area where the market has been positioned, as well as in the choice of vendors selected to exhibit their produce at the market.

As markets go, the layout can sometime be incredibly stifling to the flow of people between stalls and access to individual stalls. The Market on the Wharf  has done a good job to avoid this, positioning vendors to allow a steady flow of traffic around the market and  strategically considering vendor positions to avoid bottlenecks.

In terms of the vendor mix and products on offer, it seems to be the case that all the markets mentioned above seem to have the same exhibitors, simply with different front-men or women operating the stalls. This market seems to follow the same trend, although this is not necessarily a bad thing, it just means if you have seen it once before you may be seeing it again.

Products on offer at the market include crepes and waffles, fresh juice, organic fruit and nuts, confectionery items, biltong, organic meats, international cuisine, specialty preserves, sauces and pastes, oysters and champagne and so the list goes on. The offering is certainly not small and stifled and will keep you engaged and entertained for a good 2 hours but I would like to start seeing some new vendors coming to the fore in the near future.

Overall, I must congratulate the V&A Waterfront on turning a seemingly low traffic area with a single product offering in to a  pleasant and popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. The value gained for all tenants in the V&A Waterfront complex must be significant and I feel that with continual innovation the Market on the Wharf could become the V&A Waterfront’s Trojan Horse.

If you are a keen market goer, then I highly recommend a trip out to the  Market on the Wharf to check it out! Who knows, it may just become your local Sunday morning hangout?

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Website: http://www.marketonthewharf.co.za/