la parada tapas bar restaurant cape town bree street

La Parada, CBD

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up!
Price Range:
 Avg. Price  per meal R 150
Type: Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Crowd: Inner city crowd/ mid 20′s to 50′s
Service: 8/10
Day Of the Week: Thursday
Time: 19:30 pm
Address:  107 Bree Street, CBD
Unique Aspects:

Situated on the vibrant Bree street, La Parada is the new kid on the block and has made quite the impression. With a capacity for about 150 or more diners, it is rare not to find this venue entirely full, a sign of a winning combination.

Bringing a dining style commonly found in the Mediterranean and Adriatic parts of Europe to Cape Town, La Parada does a superb job of making eating fun and social. Although the menu offers 4 or 5 more traditional full meal choices, the majority of diners will likely be building their own dinners through an assortment of tapas dishes, including calamari tubes with a salsa verde, oxtail cannelloni and Spanish omelettes to name a few. For those who prefer a slightly lighter style of eating, this proves to be a winning combination.

La Parada is not only for those who plan to dine, but also for those who simply want to kick back with a drink in hand in a venue with a vibrant energy. Take a seat in the open air on the Bree Street entrance of the restaurant and soak up the energy of the inner city with a craft beer or cocktail. The layout of the seating around the edge of the restaurant creates for a very social experience so don’t be surprised if you meet some complete strangers who may just end up becoming good friends.

Another definite positive worth mentioning is the stellar service from waiting staff and managers alike. This was truly great and when combined with the short waiting times for drinks and meals, it makes for an evening more enjoyable than most. With the quantity of people needing attending to it was a definite concern of mine that the service would be jeopardised, however this was certainly not the case.

La Parada has certainly managed to fill a niche in the inner city dining spectrum, offering a vibrant venue with a large enough menu of bite sized meal options and beverages to suit most palettes, leaving no one left wanting.

Pull through to La Parada on a Thursday evening and expect a high energy environment which makes for a great mid-week break. Bookings are unfortunately not an option, so it is strictly first come – first serve.