Sevruga VA Waterfront Cape Town

Sevruga, V&A Waterfont

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 8/10
Type: High End Restaurant / Sushi
Crowd:  Mid 20’s and up local crowd or foreigners eager to sample some South African high end cuisine
Service: 9/10
Day Of the Week: Anytime of the week for lunch or dinner, but particularly enjoyable on a Sunday night to kill the Sunday blues
Time: 20:00
Address: Quay 5, V&A Waterfront
Unique Aspects:

Sevruga offers diners what is truly a pleasant and rejuvenating evening out. The service is impeccable and at no point are you made to feel uncomfortable – despite ordering specials or wearing casual clothes.

Sevruga offers two differing menus namely the dim sum/ sushi menu and then the winter menu. You can not go wrong which ever of the two menu’s you select but as a word of advice I would recommend the steamed buns (R40 odd) and any of the half price sushi platters (R100 – R120) on the dim sum menu. If it is not sushi that you are after, the winter menu offers a 3 course meal for approximately R160 per person – some truly top looking hot meals on this menu.

From my perspective, Sevruga deserves an applause on 3 counts.

1. The service is exceptional – and this is one factor which the waiting staff seem to pride themselves on which I think is great as it makes the experience that more opulent and enjoyable.

2. The decor and atmosphere are top quality and well thought out. From the comfortable furniture, to the music, to the lighting. You feel at home and relaxed from the very moment you enter the doors.

3. The food is superb.

Perhaps my opinion is biased due to my multiple great experiences of eating out at Sevruga, but to re-affirm why I am such a fan, consider that out of my last three visits, on 2 of the occasions I very pleasantly received complimentary items prior to the main meal.

I shall leave it to you to make up your mind on what Sevruga means to you, but I will certainly continue  recommending this restaurant to others.