oblivion wine bar claremont cape town

Oblivion Wine Bar & Restaurant, Claremont

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 7/10
Type: Wine Bar and Restaurant
Crowd:  Mostly mid 20′s to 30′s young professionals, older crowd too, mostly the Southern suburb crowd!
Service: 6/10
Day Of the Week: Weekends particularly but weeknights can also be good fun, with specific nights having activities (i.e. quizz night etc.)!
Time: 19:30pm
Address: 22 Chichester Road, Claremont
Unique Aspects:

Nothing says oblivion more than a stripper pole in the middle of the 60’s checkerboard dance floor.

Oblivion can become quite festive on any weekend night and there is always quite a healthy crowd which makes for some good laughs, especially when the slightly drunker of the bunch take to climbing the pole.

It does have its quirks like the automatically shuffling  iTunes playlist which can take you from hard dance to David Gray’s “Babylon” but this doesn’t seem to have any affect on the fun being had by its patrons.

Being a wine bar, it takes on quite a similar atmosphere to a British upmarket bar which is quite nice and somewhat different believe it or not to our standard South African bars.

A new addition is the rooftop deck which looks like a pretty awesome spot to have some lunch!

For a mid-week drink and some pizza or a weekend pre-drinks venue, Oblivion checks most of the boxes – your night will however be influenced by the crowd.

Website: http://www.oblivion.co.za