haas collective bo kaap cape town

Haas Collective, Bo Kaap

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up!
Price Range:
 Avg. Price R60
Type: Boutique Restaurant
Crowd: Inner city hipster crowd/ Locals young and old
Service: 8/10
Day Of the Week: Sunday
Time: 10:00 am
Address:  67 Rose street, Bo Kaap
Unique Aspects:

Truth be told, I was not sure if I even wanted to put this spot up on the blog, primarily because I think so much of Haas’s allure comes from the fact that it is one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets. I can very well imagine that those who do frequent this restaurant/ coffee shop love the fact that it is not well known to the masses and so the crowd it attracts remains like minded in that they have either heard about it from friends or are local to the area.

That said, I think it is a crying shame that my first visit to Haas is after a good 6 or 7 years having lived in Cape Town, as it is definitely my new favourite breakfast spot, hands down. If you share my enjoyment for great dining experiences then I would hate to keep it a secret based on that selfish logic.

From the outside Haas looks like it is about as big as a shoebox and for years I have driven past thinking that it was just an 8 square metre space with maybe 1 or 2 cramped tables and a coffee machine as you so often find littered along  the streets of town, but on entering this restaurant I was pleasantly surprised. The restaurant comprises a series of ‘true to style’ mis-matched furniture, from 2 man ‘mad-hatter-esque’ wing backed chairs to large 6-8 man dining tables, all housed very cleverly so no tables are really ever on top of one another.

The restaurant must seat around 30 to 40 people all considered, from street-side tables, to indoor seating to outdoor seating at the back of the restaurant. These tables are littered in amongst a plethora of unique artworks which I imagine are produced by local artists and craftsmen. Although all on sale, these pieces also make up the restaurants’ decor which is a truly genius way of decorating a restaurant while also facilitating the sale of items in a “shop-like” manner.

Stepping inside Haas, you feel a real sense of occasion as the waiting staff are all dressed in top hats and suspenders, certainly not garishly so, but just enough to create a little bit of theatre in the experience which at the end of the day, is what it is all about.

The layout, atmosphere and unique Bo Kaap location would be nothing if the food was not of a standard to compliment it and I am more than happy to say that the food was truly excellent. From a never before seen in Cape Town “Croque-monsiuer” to a good old bacon and egg breakfast, all of the meals served were tasty, well presented and considered in the context of the menu. Compliments need to be given to the kitchen on delivering on meals which although not complex, are often done poorly.

As usual, my final comment is either one which implores you to pay the spot reviewed a visit or a neutral declaration of my experience, hoping for others to prove me wrong.

In this case, as you may have picked up from my tone, I have found a fervent appreciation for this newly found spot and shall definitely be returning more frequently. Enjoy a good coffee and a breakfast with a bit of a twist, maybe a little off the beaten track? Then Haas is for you. Enjoy!

Website: http://haascollective.com/