yours truly cafe long street cape town

Yours Truly Cafe, CBD (Long Street)

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up!
Price Range:
 Avg. Price R35
Type: Coffee Shop/ Cafe
Crowd: Inner city trendy crowd/ hipsterish
Service: 8.5/10
Day Of the Week: Sunday
Time: 1:30pm
Address:  175 Long Street
Unique Aspects:

As far as spots with an atmosphere go, Yours Truly Cafe checks all the boxes for me. Friendly and welcoming service (from the owner to the cleaner – which truth be told is not commonly found), some fresh rolls made with a bit of thought and care, a little cappuccino and some inner city buzz – what more could you want out of a quaint little coffee shop come cafe.

From what I could make out, you could potentially put together your own rolls with the ingredients on offer – including some decent cold meats, pickled condiments, pesto’s and the likes. Fresh rolls and fresh ingredients means that these rolls certainly trump the other heavy pre-made on-the-run snacks that you are going to find being served in and around the city centre.

Perhaps the most appealing part of Yours Truly Cafe was the decent job it does at providing a little bit of solitude and shelter to the madness that Long Street can so easily create. Almost like stepping in to a mad scientists library, there are old books lining the walls. In conjunction with some sheltered tables where you can perch to get your bearings and enjoy a spot of caffeine – it is that calm in the madness.

Although my visit wasn’t lengthy, for the little time that I did spend there, it was a worthwhile experience and one to remember. A returned visit is certainly on the cards.