Mzoli's Meat, Gugulethu

Mzoli’s Meat, Gugulethu

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 1/10
Type: Local South African
Crowd: Gugulethu locals as well as a bunch of tourists and younger Cape Tonians from in and around the city
Service: No service
Day Of the Week: Saturday
Time: 3:00pm
Address: Gugulethu, Cape Town
Unique Aspects:

As a day out with a group of mates, nothing beats a good Mzoli’s outing. Take your own cooler boxes and drinks and R40 in your pocket and you are set for a day of good food, eye-opening experiences and some deep house music blasting out of a serious sound system.

Mzoli’s is a unique spot, considering that the only income that the venue makes is off of its patrons being required to buy R40 worth of meat per person from the Mzolis butchery next door. The meat then goes to the furnace room attached to the back of the butchery where it meets its fate in one of the 20 odd fiery braai’s. This then arrives at your table about an hour later, cooked to perfection and covered in a sauce which can only be explained as majestic, accompanied by some local “pap” and chilli salsa.

Kicking back in the patio furniture, the vibe only gets more festive as the day goes on and by 5:30pm you will truly be amazed as to how quickly a chilled drinks kicks in to full party mode with deep house tunes engulfing the air-waves.

A day out to Mzoli’s is great fun, but at around 6pm the time comes to say goodbye for a whole host of reasons. I advise going for around 4 hours from 13:00pm onward. If you like your comforts, be sure to take cutlery and paper plates as this is not something you will be given there. In addition, if you are short on drinks, just ask around and you will soon find out where to buy more.