aces n spades cape town

Aces ‘n Spades, CBD

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 7/10
Type: Old School American Style Bar with a Twist
Crowd:  25′s – 50′s inner city socialites  (A little bit hipster)
Service: 6/10
Day Of the Week: Friday
Time: 9:30pm
Address: 62 Hout Street, City Centre
Unique Aspects:

A very cool little spot.

I know it is the new “Boo Radley’s” and I am sure that it has always been a cool venue, but to my embarrassment, this was my first visit to 62 Hout Street and it turned out to be a very pleasant one.

At first glance, Aces ‘n Spaced seemed to be a real connoisseur environment. On the menu you will see only the most decorated micro-brewery beers, not to mention the deep south American tunes gyrating the horns of the wild bore which sits mounted proudly above the bar.

Look a little closer though and you will notice that the crowd is actually anything but connoisseur – not in a bad way either. It is a fairly polarized crowd, where you can wear what you like and drink what you like without being on the receiving end of any stinky stares – from feather boas, to tweed jackets and cigars – it attracts all types.

My only concern is that it may start falling in to the category of the inner city “Caprice” but I think this is an outside chance due to the fact that the inner city “hipster” scene is pretty strong and Aces ‘n Spades really speaks to this groups fancies.

One recommendation if visiting Aces ‘n Spades would however be to get there early as any late comers get doomed to a long queue of eager revelers. This speaks volumes about its popularity and also means that there is a steady flow of fresh faces in the venue all night – which is a big plus.

As a closing note, I have to say that is is a welcomed addition to the inner city nightlife. If you are “Tjing Tjing’d” out and are keen for a decent drinks spot just off Cape Town’s renowned Long Street, then you have found a winner.