Assembly Woodstock Cape Town

The Assembly, Gardens

Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down: Thumbs Up
Price Range: 6/10 (can be quite pricey to get in but normally because you are paying to see an event/ artist)
Type: Live Music Venue (House/Electro Nights as well as live performances by local and international artists)
Crowd:  Young and old die hard music genre fans and a smattering of a regular crowd of 18 – 19 year olds.
Service: 7/10
Day Of the Week: Saturday
Time: 11:00pm
Address: Harrington Street
Unique Aspects:

Assembly is a great spot if you are going out to dance and enjoy solidly played/ mixed music of your genre of choice. The key to Assembly is to make sure that the night you go, the music being played is something you enjoy otherwise it can be a little painful, as on any given night you may only hear one genre at its most extreme – played all night. The venue prides itself on delivering an audio-visual experience and does so well, with dedicated personnel managing all of these areas. My personal favourite nights are the “Discotheque” sessions, but keep your eye on their website for the latest details and event news, as well as a host of info on the South African music scene.